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    Default My Little Upgrade

    Well, my system aint much, but I am quite proud of it. Pic 1 is before and 2 after.
    47" JVC HD TV
    Pioneer Elite VSX-01THX
    Velodyne 3750 sub
    Klipsch Synergy Quintet (pic 1 fronts) as surrounds /center
    RTiA7`s in second pic
    The stereo cabinet is made by yours truly and is almost a perfect match for the wood grain on the RTi`s.
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    Feb 2013


    I guess it does not impress. LOL

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    I cant make out the first picture but looks like you went from wall mounted speakers to towers. I suspect a much improved upgrade.

    If you could center the towers more such that one is not up againest a wall you would get improved sound stage.

    Do you plan to use a center channel ?

    Congrats and welcome to club Polk !
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    Nice upgrade. I don't like being a critic but the positioning of your gear doesn't do them justice. Personally I would put drapes on that window and position the TV in the center of the speakers with the sub either in the corner or between the right speaker and the TV. Your right speaker is awfully close to the wall. A little toe in will help if you can't move it away a little farther. But if your happy with it that's all that matters.

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    ^ If you place the sub in the corner the bass will get too boomy. I would put it in the center.

    I agree on putting the curtain on the window. Too much light coming through.


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    Putting a sub in the center of the room kinda defeats the purpose. That is where you will get the LEAST amount of bass. You should just do the sub "test". Put it in the position you will be sitting at then crawl around the room listening for where you hear the deepest strongest bass. And that is the spot you should put the sub in, if at all possible!

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    Thanks Guys/Gals for the input. The initial setup is intended to be wife friendly. Those speakers are going to "walk" around a bit until they are placed correctly. Actually, the plan is to remove and drywall over the window and put french doors to the left. Then I can center everything. The hard part was to build from scratch and get that woodgrain look. I am amazed that my cabinet piece, the sub and the RTi`s are almost identical in finish. The wife LOVES that part.

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    Congradulations, and welcome to Club Polk.

    I really don't know what the bigger accomplishment is her. The A7's are a great addition, but you have that magical WAF factor going on, which is probably even better. LOL.

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