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    Default CS20 vs CS10, just how different is the sound?

    I just purchased a pair of TSi200 for my front speakers and a CS20 for the center channel.

    I have an existing 10” base and 2 rear bi-pole surround speakers that will do for now. I'm using a Onkyo tx-nr616 receiver. The setup sounds good, still tweaking the setting, but I like what I hear.

    My dilemma, the new cabinet we purchased for our LED TV is great except for the space where one would typically put a center channel speaker goes.
    It’s ˝ inch too small for a CS20!!!!!!!!!

    Option1: I could return the CS20 for a CS10 and it would fit, but how is the sound compared to the CS20? Anybody out there running a CS10 with TSi200 for fronts and happy…or not happy, wishing they went bigger? I fear that the CS10 just won’t cut it and they they will seem underwhelming compared to the CS20

    Option2: Another option is to mount the speaker above the TV (on a shelf maybe?) If the center channel is say 3 feet higher than the front speakers will it sound any different? Shouldn’t the center channel and fronts be at about the same height?

    Any feedback especially from TSi200/CS10/CS20 owners will be greatly appreciated.

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    The bigger the better for your center as the bulk of the soundtrack of movies/video come from there. Mounting it above the screen would be OK if you can aim it down toward the listening position but keeping the tweeters somewhat aligned would be preferable. Do you have the option of wall mounting the TV and putting the center under it?

    And welcome to CP!!

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    I originally had a CS10 with my TSI200s, and it was ok. I sold it and got a CS20, and it was a HUGE improvement. Do yourself a favor a get the CS20; you won't regret it one bit.

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    There are actual center channel mounts that are placed on top of the tv. Quit a selection at

    Just another option to look at. I don't particularly care for them,but it could work.

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    looks like the new CS25's are slightly smaller

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    Built a small bridge over my display for the center, angled it down with isolation wedges like so:

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