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    Default Proper AVR for Monitor 65T

    Hi, I'm new here and this looked like the place to start. I'm slowly getting into building my home theater(I have gone waaay too long w/out a stereo system) and I scored a deal on some Monitor 65 T's. I am leaning towards a Yamaha AVR and hoping to keep it within $400-$500. I will be getting a receiver probably later this year(Black Friday??) or very early next year. Would the RXV575 be a good choice for powering the towers or should I expect to get one that has an amp pre out and get an external amp? I don't want to overstress the system but I don't want to overkill anything either.I just want to have a nice system that my family and I can enjoy.

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    That AVR will power those speakers, but you should consider an AVR with pre-outs. If you go with Yamaha, gett one of the Aventage series, 8xx or higher. Adding an amp to those speakers, running in 2 channel configuration, you should hear a difference at lower volumns especially. Everything will just sound more clear. At higher volumns you'll notice less distortion.

    When you start adding channels above 2, the sound difference will be even more noticable.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to Club Polk.

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