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    Default Want to refinish my Polk LSi15s...

    I love my Polk LSi15s... Unfortunately, the side panels are finished in that ugly orange-hued cherry. I was thinking of either:
    1. Removing said side panels and stripping it and then refinishing it
    2. Getting a couple of 0.75" MDF panels and completely replacing the said panels.
    Questions are:
    1. How easy is it to remove the original side panels. BTW, the LSI15s I got are first generation (later models were slightly different)
    2. How hard is it to strip the original stain and refinishing the original panels? Am I better off just making new panels?

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    Depends on what finish you're desiring I imagine. I think a base-color-clear coat in silver would look cool as $h!t. DIY with some "rattle cans" or have a body shop do it. You could make several sets of panels and change em as your mood changes ! Name:  face20.gif
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    I never liked that cherry color either. The lite maple set of LSi9's that a forum member created a while back looked very good.

    F1Nut is a wood guru. PM him and I'm sure he will be happy to help you out.

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