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    Default LSIM center with RTA7's

    I would like to switch to the LSIM series from my RTIA7's. Would adding a LSIM center to my A7's work at all until I can get add the LSIM 705's?
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    I think if your going to go with the LSiM series in the near future go ahead and get the LSiM center
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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    Heck yeah, that'll work just fine!!!!! Then be sure to tell me what you think 'cause I was thinking of adding the LSiM center to my set up
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    Have you thought about using the 703's over the 705's, given the budgetary concerns? I think you'd get a bigger impact with those. If you end up still wanting the 705's, you could always use the 703's as dual center channels, or move them to surrounds.


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