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    Default Best choice between two used Harman Kardons

    I'm trying to get the best amp to power my new (to me) SDA SRS2 set. I'll be doing 2 channel, as well as using the amp to power the fronts in a 7.1 Home Theater. Pre outs from the Onkyo AVR will be sent to the amp on 7.1 HT.

    So, what does the group think about these two amps that I think I can get either for about $300???

    HK PA-2400


    HK Citation 22

    Any help on comparison of these two... is greatly appreciated!

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    if you must stick with HK and for around 300, I think you can do better. Such as Signature 1.5 or Citation 5.1. I bought 2 citation 5.1 on Audiogon for 350 shipped. lost a bid on ebay for Sign 1.5 last week, which closed at 330.

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    Are the amps local? Can you demo them? I know many buy remote, but I like to demo/ especially used gear. I'll pay a bit extra for local sales for that reason.

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    I would go for citation. They are pretty impressive.

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