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    Default Bedroom Speakers

    I am going to be putting some kind of speakers in the bedroom, and I am trying to figure out what direction I want to go. The room is small, 17 ft x 14 ft I would guess, vaulted ceiling. I imagine a 5.1 system would be a bit much. I was thinking I would go with 2 in ceiling speakers, a center and a sub, when a friend recommended a sound bar. I have no experience with them though. So, I was wondering if you guys could give some suggestions on which set up might be preferable for this type of room? To give a price range, I wanted to keep the speakers around $250 a piece. Thanks for any help you can provide. One other thing, this will be primarily for movie/ tv viewing.
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    Personally, I would go with a 3.1 system rather than a sound bar. I'll admit, a soundbar sounds better than your average tv speakers, and good ones sound better than many HTIB systems. I ran the RTI A1's, CSI A4, and A DSWPRO 440wi, and it blew away just about every soundbar or HITB system I ever heard. Of course many may disagree. Still for slightly more than $700 those speakers sounded good together.

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    I have a small Denon 40watt or so hooked to a flat screen in the bedroom with some small bookshelf 12in or so speakers and a powered narrow subwoofer tucked sounds awesome--i also can lay and enjoy music. Doesnt take up much room and it fills the room with quality sound at affordable price. Easy hook up. It depends on what you really want & cost--if you get the right small bookshelf speakers you may get the big speaker sound also..
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    Get a 5 pack of Blackstone TL3's with a sub and you will be good to go.
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    I have a pair of ADS L690 and small 8" Sony Sub using an Pionner Elite VSX-30 but is only for music.
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    I also have vaulted ceiling in my master bedroom, I've decided to add a simple 5.1 setup in there. R2000's fronts, CS350LS center & RT LS/FX rear. I plan on puting together a small surround for when I want to go to bed early and still feel like watching a movie. My main setup is in the living room, it's a 7.2 setup. Nothing crazy, just a RT5000 with a PSW1200 & PSW650.
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    I bet Polks in-wall stuff sounds good.

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