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    Default Electronic equipment standoff posts?

    I want to stack my receiver on top of my amplifier, but I want to add a couple of inches (at most) between the two. I have seen some sort of stand off posts on others but have no idea where to purchase and which ones are better than the others.

    If any of you know what I am talking about please respond with some links or at least some names/types that work well.

    Thank you,

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    I have used in the past a couple of pieces of 1x2 painted flat black for this purpose and you really didn't even notice they were there. I have never seen the posts you are looking for.
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    hockey pucks!
    all the best,

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    A little smaller version of the hockey pucks are the black hardened spice jar lids. I have used them for years they blend perfectly cost a buck apiece @ the dollar store and have a hight of 1'' and a 2'' diameter. You also go to Home Depot and just look in the plumbing section and find perfect size fittings of black pvc,which also works for very little cash. The idea here is to repurpose something and not spend alot of $ on a dedicated item.

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    For components that have hard drives or CD players or fans, I use 'Sorbothane Hemisphere Bumpers.

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    I use the VibraPods. There was a a more decorative solution, that was brought up by Russman a few years ago, but it looks like their web site is down.

    From the WayBack Machine:

    Since that doesn't help much here are the search results from Audio Advisor:

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