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    Default Transports for spinning cd's

    After getting my ps audio perfect wave I am now just trying to gather info on what transports are out there for cd's. I know nothing about this so some education would be great for me. I was looking into the perfect wave transport but there must be something else out there for cheaper for just cd's

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    It's called a cdp.

    When you use the digital out on a cdp, you basically are using it as a transport. Mind you, some transports are better than others and some even worse than a cdp. I can't see anyone in todays environment sinking alot of R&D into transports except for the high end market.

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    If your going to use a cd player as a transport the most important thing for you is to know if you wanting to use it as a transport for more than just CD's. If your wanting to send DVD-A or SACD out over a digital output like optical or coaxial you severly limit your selection as many players wont send those signals out over anything other than Analog outs.

    My Denon 3910 can be used as a transport for CD's but for SACD or DVD-A have to be sent out via analog.

    I believe some of the Oppos can send everything out over digital but they are lots more than I spent lol....
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    Ideally the PS Audio Transport is the best transport to use with the DAC for physical media like CD's because it can take advantage of the I2S architecture built into both units. The DAC also has an AES/EBU input, so you could find a transport that offers that output. Those tend to not be cheap either.

    However, if it was me and you don't have one already I'd buy the bridge card for the DAC. Use that and you have access to high resolution digital audio from a computer or network attached storage device.

    As an interim measure any old DVD or CD player with a digital output would work with the DAC. But if you go that route you'd have been better off buying a much less expensive DAC in the $500 to $1K range since you'd be wasting the capabilities of the Perfectwave DAC.

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