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    Default Electronic music!

    Hello. I did not see one of these threads.

    I like some electronic music.

    Not too big of a fan of the new electronic music wave that has hit our nation. But what's new?

    However, I am a big fan of some producers. I got into them mostly through hearing about them from friends.

    So, I'm making this thread.

    The goal here is to present producers and their music with some explanation as to why these things were posted. It is always very nice to see someone really talk about the music, as well. Specific pieces of music certainly (if they are good) are deep enough to be talked about for quite some time. Another point of this thread is to have a collection of tracks that really can sound super good on good systems. The whole reason we're here is speakers, after all.

    Let me list just one producer and one track for the time being.

    I am a big fan of Tipper. His name is Dave Tipper, and he is from the UK. Not too long ago he did some tours across the USA with larger groups of DJ's. I think that his mixes are tasteful and creative. I think that he also tends towards more non-standard harmonies and melodies than would be expected from a lot of the pop guys of our time (like skrillex or deadmau5).

    I would like to recommend that you check out "Tripping the Light Fantastic" from the album "The Seamles Unspeakable Something." Iactually enjoy most of that album. This track is just a good example. The track remains mostly in the same tonal area throughout. Tipper doesn't seem to approach a really simple melody from the start (something that can get on my nerves, as this structure tends toward too much repetition). In this case, the music seems to build upon itself slowly and tastefully. The track is not too drawn out (it's only just over 2 minutes). Every added piece of instrumentation gets its small window to shine, and then then something else becomes the focus. I like this trait in music. Often times I find pop musicians milking a certain phrase or melody FAR too much, as if the listener was too stupid to get it the first time.

    Anyway, i also think the track is very nicely balanced. It is done very tastefully.

    Here is a Youtube link, but i highly recommend finding this album in high bitrate.
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