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Thread: Happy Easter

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    You're Welcome and Thanks Jesse as well.

    I'm currently waiting for the recipe for this spinach pie that my Aunt (on my dad's side) makes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose68Bash View Post
    I hope everybody had a happy Easter Sunday, as I did. And I hope those of us on the Forum who celebrate Passover have an equally happy and fulfilling holiday. I am fortunate to have close relatives of both faiths, and we enjoy participating in each others' traditions and celebrations. Shalom!

    And Lasareth, for any on this Forum who have not experienced Pizza Rustica, let me say, "You do not know what you are missing! Mama mia! make the recipe!"

    Lasareath, you have done a great service to all those who cook in giving them this opportunity to experience one of the finest products of Italian cookery known to man or woman! I am fortunate to have married an Italian-American woman whose mother makes some of the finest Italian dishes I have ever experienced, including those I ate in Italy! She makes a superb Pizza Rustica.

    But, in the pleasure of eating, let's remember the serious side of these holidays.

    Thanks, Jesse, for initiating this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keiko View Post
    Greg, you are correct. Easter is actually a Pagan holiday. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Passover when God brought the Israelites out of Egypt. The lambs blood is a symbol of Jesus and Pharaoh was the symbol of Satan since he held God's people in bondage and slavery. Jesus sacrifice freed us from the slavery of sin and Satan.
    Correct Mike. Thanks for pointiong this out. Ishtar (Assyrian godess) was the godess of firtility (hence the bunny (as in "quick like a") and eggs for firtility). I don't like stepping on what people believe, but I don't enjoy people believing in something (Ishtar(translated to "Easter")) that doesn't represent what they believe is true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headrott View Post
    I don't like stepping on what people believe
    I don't like stepping on bunnies either, but it was never about a bunny to begin with.

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    Sal ole'Pal I hope your not eating that stuff!! Sure looks inviting.

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