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    Default 7 polk speakers and onkyo 709 question!

    I own an Onkyo TX-NR709 and 2 speakers tsi500, 1 CS20, 2 Tsi200, and 2 tsi100. My question is what kind of crossover do i use? I have been using 80hz (thx) on all speakers including the sub that is active, Klipsch sub12 set on phase 0. Any suggestions?

    Let me know if you need more information!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Today I tried full band on my front speakers and i like it. Someone else recommend me to try 40hz. What about the sub? I have on 80hz.

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    Most people will start with the 80 Hz setting, if their auto-cal programs set it at that value or lower. There is no hard rule for this setting. A dvd/bd recorded in the THX format will normally send all signals at or below 80 Hz to the .1 channel is one reason, so you could loose some info. A bigger reason is that it requires more power to drive woofers at lower freqs. So by using the 80 Hz setting, you free up power to your other channels,and allow the sub to do what it was designed to do. Just remember to never go below the cross over freq your auto-cal program sets it at, and you'llbe fine.

    It's about your ears, not anybody elses. Hope this helps.

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    Should always set your speakers to Small so that the lower freqs will be sent to the Sub. Really no matter how large your fronts are set them to small. Set them all to SMALL and the crossover to 80 and then from there on just fine tune there placement and the sub so there in there correct positions.

    You want the tweeters of the fronts and center speaker pointed at your ears. Best to use a laser pointer and measure the dot at the seating position to make sure that the tweeters are at ear level. Sub placed a foot or 2 from the wall and try to stay away from a corner as it will make it sound too boomy. You want nice deep bass that will fill in seamlessly with your speakers to where you cant tell that its not coming from the speakers and not be able to tell where the sub is located.
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