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    Default Nad cassette decks with fast forward and rewind issues

    Alot of people has helped me out on this forum , I just wanted to post something about NAD cassette decks to help others !
    I recently purchased alot of so called NON working NAD cassette decks from ebay ! people are claiming fast forward and rewind does not work! when i get the decks in ,i find that the lube that nad used originally ,has hardened really bad and dried out causing the the posts that the cassette sits onto and drives the tape in the cassette, are real hard to move !
    I got a light oil ,like for electric motors ,NOT WD40!!!!, and lubbed all the moving parts, and rewind and fast forward a cassette over and over again! lubbing it repeatidly! and the old lube loosens up and fast forward and rewind works like new again ! alot of people think the motor that opereates the fast forward and rewind is bad this is not the case ! the NAD uses 2 motors one to play, and one to fast forward and rewind
    I hope this helps people with this issue
    and thanks everyone who helped me with my issues
    crank it till your ears bleed

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    thanks for sharing, good info

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