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    Default LS series speakers

    Am I the only one who enjoys the LS 70 and LS 90 speakers, I never here anyone say much about them or see them here.

    I find them better than the other polk speakers that I have including RT 1000i's and RT 150's.

    They recieved very good reviews back then. Is it that they are not classified a HT speaker or what.

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    if you do a search for the LS90, there should be some stuff coming up. I had the Ls90's as mains with a cs350 center in my theater before oing the all LSi route.

    damn respectable speaker, and could take abuce too, seemed to go as loud as the day is long as needed.

    much respecy in my book for the 90's, as well as some others on here. some have said the ls90 is the only one in the line they liked. its was the only one I owned, so I couldnt say.
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    you also never hear anyone mention the "S" series of Polk speakers either.. and i'm pissed off about it.

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    That was my next pick after the SDA's Way to go polk on those

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    Love my LS90's. Big, dynamic sound, really good imaging. On the forward side, but they are the speakers that I judge others by when I bring different speakers into the house. I've never been treated with SDA's or LSi's, so the LS90's are my reference Polk speaker.

    Do you have any references to old reviews on the LS series? Always wanted to see those.
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    Not too many reviews out there. There were a few not so well published reports. Used to be, you could go to the Polk website and they had a link to all the pubs that reviewed the speakers. I've owned the 70's and 90's and still thoroughly enjoy them today. I'm not motivated to upgrade in the least. Especially since I'd end selling the 90's for pennies on the dollar and spend thousands to match the performance. If I did anything, I'd match my rti6's with the svs for HT. I brought my 90's over to a past Polkfest at Russman's house and the general take was everyone was surprised at the quality sound of the 90's.
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    I have LS50s, 70s and 90s (and CS-350LSs and LS f/x's)

    I think the 70s have a smooth and tighter sound, the 90s can be a little boomy depending on your room. In my current setup in my new room the 90s sound ok. I may AB test them later today.

    What I really want to do is run both pair of my LS70s (biwired to amp AB outputs) :)

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    I really enjoy my LS90s,CS350,LS/FX.

    Now the fun begins. After 18 years in our starter home and the kids are moving out, the wife decided to upgrade homes in a big way. Now I have a nice 35'-28' theater room (was in a 12x22' room) to spread these babies out and let them breathe.

    I need to upgrade from my B&K Ref.30 to the Ref 50 for a 7.1 setup. I also can now bring out my original Monitor 10-bs that I bought in '84??. I also us a NHT SW3P sub that has been a great match musically and a theater shaker with the LS90s. Fortunately I bought a NHT SW3 slave before they were all gone, hoping for a larger room someday. I will drive both subs with the same NHT SA-3 amp as indicated in the instructions.

    So, I'll provide and update on my setup in another thread when I get it all hooked up but, count me in on the LS series fan club.


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    I had the 70s till my monos went bad and fried tham.I gave them to a friend who later replaced the driver and xovers.(I loved them.)But years later I got a pair od SDA-2Bs and got the amps fixed and the SDAs blow away the 70s (IMO).
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    Default project

    hi, does anyone have any 7100 drivers for sale? restoring a pair of ls 90's. one finished, one to go

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