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    Speakers sound REALLY different. IMO, if one compares different mid-end AVR's and source units the differences are small compared to speakers. Speakers can sound SO different that you really don't have to think about it or concentrate on it sometimes...its is just blatantly obvious the difference between a set of Polk vs. Klipsch vs. KEF, etc.

    Then once you jump into the world of DIY and put together something nice this experience just opens up the "never satisfied" door. Some just have to the need to tweek!
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    2 Ch Dreaming...hoping to purchase, build someday???
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    Speakers matter the most then the room and placement then the equiptment. Speakers are fun to tweak and make the biggest difference in the System.

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    Speakers have the highest distortion/coloration of any component in the audio chain.

    Reducing (or even merely changing) the distortion spectrum with different speakers (or different positioning of the "old" speakers) can result in a considerable "quality" gain depending on how the new distortion spectrum compares to the old; and how it interacts with the room and the frequency response of the listener's ear/brain.

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    One doesn't usually think of it that way - but there's considerable veracity in the previous post :-)

    Of course, that was Col. Klipsch's beef against direct radiators; it's why he embraced full-range horn speaker systems. Unfortunately, he didn't get past harmonic and Doppler (intermodulation) distortion - a good listen to a pair of his heritage speakers (IMO) reveals that he may have been on the right track - but he didn't quite make it all the way home :-)

    Of course I am sitting here listening to Patty Larkin's live solo acoustic album a gogo on the Duplexes as I type this. All kinds of distortion (in terms of deviations from linearity) and limited HF and LF extension - but she is in the room with me... and that's a danged good thing.
    all the best,

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