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    Default Missed a pair of SDA SRS2's today

    Was out of town with the wife today and just thought I would hit a couple of thrift stores. First one I went into I thought I had hit the jackpot. from across the store I could see a pair of SDA's as soon as I walked in the door. I picked up the pace to get to them quick without breaking into a jog. A nice pair of SRS 2's. Actually the first pair I have ever got to touch. I was looking for the price and finally saw a small tag that said SOLD pickup 4-8. Man i have been looking for a pair of these for a good while now and missed them. Everything was cheap in there too so they probably sold pretty low. It's probably better I didn't get to see the exact selling price.

    I did end up finding some Dynaco A-35's for $2 though. Drivers look great, cabinets a little worn. I'll see what they sound like pretty soon. This was a pretty nice find but didn't quite make up for missing the SRS 2's.

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    So show up on 4-8 and offer him $100 more than he paid.

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    A-35 for $2 is a huge deal.

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