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Thread: Denon 4810

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    Default Denon 4810

    I took my Denon 4810 for repair I was unable to use the Usb . I connected everything but I can not get the Subwoofer to work . Please post any ideas . Thanks

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    Did you go into the speaker set-up screen and turn the sub on?

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    ....and what does the USB have to do with a subwoofer ? What are you using the USB for anyway ?

    You need to set up the receiver and all the inputs. If you have a manual, read it cover to cover....twice. No joke, they can be very confusing

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    Tonyb is right. And older Denon manuals, in particular are, IMHO, the very worst ever written. I have an AVR 2807 below...the manual pretty much sucked. And the Menu system on these older Denons are counter-intuitive with various functions buried under layer after layer. It's often not that easy to find what you're looking for.

    But you MUST tell the AVR you have a sub and also set the crossover for it. Also be CAREFUL that you have NOT hooked the SUB cable to the Sub multi-channel in rather than the SUB PRE-OUT! That is a very common oversight!

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