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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyb View Post
    Ya know, I'm sure we all can come up with a story related to this. I have many from personal experiences, but here's one that was closer to home and had to do with a brother in-law's brother.

    Daddy is a well to do Doctor practicing in one of the largest hospitals here in Chicago. 2 sons, one married my sister but lets talk about the other one. Daddy puts him through school, gets a degree in some B.S. THEN DECIDES, he wants to go back for his masters. Daddy floats the boat for that too. OK, gets his masters degree then tells daddy he wants to do something else. Daddy sends him back to college, pays the full boat again, kid graduates with a degree in his field. Guess what ? Daddy, I don't like this, I want to be a doctor like you. Daddy sends him to medical school and the kid graduates. Mind you, he's no kid at this point, he's almost 40 years old. Daddy sets him up in his own practice and that last a few years before he gives it up.

    Know what the guy does now at 56 years old ? Drives a Zamboni at an Ice rink.

    The guy spent his whole life going to school on daddy's dime while waiting for him to pass so he could inherit tons of cash. Literaly never having to work practically his whole life. Which did happen btw. I believe that was the plan all along. Now, some could say thats Daddy's fault and they wouldn't be far off base, I look at it and relate it to what I see today. Nobody wants to sweat at a job anymore but want all the benefits from someone elses hard work. They also have no desire to educate themselves into a better position in the labor force but rather just picket corporations of minimum wage jobs to pay them what educated workers get paid. There's a reason why some make more than others, and rightfully so. Not all of us will be rocket scientists, nor will most be born dumb as a box of rocks, but there exists a job for you no matter your intelligence level. Either accept that or up your intelligence level to gardner the higher earning potential. Don't ask others to compensate you for your lack of ambition is all I'm sayin'.
    I've met this guy(guys) probably taught dozens of them.

    As for the '60s?

    In my field if the '60s never were, we would not be where we are today. We'd be a lot more impoverished as a discipline! Just imagine NO CIVIL RIGHTS movement for ONE thing?

    If I were us. I'd remain silent about the '60s? Good advice unless you want dip your foot in the quicksand of hypocrisy!

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    I myself agree with you xcapri79! I left for the ARMY right after high school. I came back and told my mother that all kids should
    have to spend atleast 2 years in the service out of high school. I think it would give them a big eye opening and a better outlook
    on life.

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