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Thread: My setup?

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    Default My setup?

    Hey all,

    So I'm building my first hifi stereo system and was wondering what people think of vintage vs modern gear for someone with a lack of audio knowledge. I'm 19 and unfortunately my parents have nothing in regards to anything from the 70's or 80's...both knowledge and gear.

    The idea that I could potentially grab a vintage turntable, stereo receiver, and a amplifier (all in good condition) for less than like $700 (am I right?) is pretty sweet.

    I'm leaning more towards vintage gear because it seems a lot more straight forward in regards to it's purpose...which is to simply
    play music. I'm not looking for fancy features like surround sound, multi-room listening, internet radio, wifi capability, watching
    movies...etc. All I wanna do is spin vinyl and crank some CD's on a really nice system. I just feel like a lot of modern gear offers way much more than I really need.

    I just need some help with my vintage setup. This is what I have so far...

    Stereo Reciever: Pioneer SX-780
    Amplifer: Not sure yet.
    Turntable: A 70's Pioneer model..still researching (A local dude is selling a Pioneer PL-12D in excellent condition for $100)
    Speakers: Not sure yet. I was thinking making this the only non vintage aspect....was thinking a pair of Polk RTiA3's

    Budget: $1000
    Room Size: It would be for my bedroom or living room. Average size room nonetheless.

    I've been researching for a long time and will continue doing so, but if any one has some input It would be much appreciated. They should have taught this **** in High School!


    *Also too with vintage gear I feel like I could experiment and mess around with a variety of different brands over time a lot easier just because of the availability and low price of gear*
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