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    Default Bel Canto Reflink and Wyred DAC-2

    Picked up a Bel Canto Reflink USB converter to use with my Wyred DAC-2. Nice upgrade, not subtle like so many upgrades in audio. More detail, better imaging, better timbre with strings, just all around better. I am currently using a cheap digital coax between the Reflink and DAC-2 until I can get an AES/EBU cable which may further enhance performance, not to mention the unit is still breaking in. I know W4S has some surprises in store for us DAC-2 owners soon that will take the DAC-2 and USB input to the next level, it will be interesting to see how that implementation compares to the Reflink.

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    Congrats on the Reflink! I'm very interested in that piece. I demo'd a Mlink, but I ended up liking my Stello U3 better, so I returned it. The Mlink was still very nice, just not quite as nice as the U3, so I'd imagine that the RefLink is awesome!

    oh and BTW I'm using a Signal Cable AES/EBU cable with the U3 and it has worked out nicely.
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