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    Default need help with monitor 25C

    for those of you with this center channel, or those even that don't, do you also have a slight problem with the paint finish on the edge and the corners of the speaker? mine is all black and the surface is fine and smooth, just like the monitor 75Ts. but when i'm holding it by the edges, the edges (the line where each side meets) the paint seems to be excess and i feel if i keep rubbing it off by holding it when i'm setting it up, the paint will rub off and the wood will show. does anyone have this problem? and if so how'd you fix it? i probably will just set it and forget it, but just wondering for future moves and such. i don't want to risk polishing it off and end up with wood lines all over the edges. any suggestions?

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    My suggestion would be to would be to contact Polk Customer Service as this seems like it would be covered under the manufacturing defect portion of the 5 year warranty.
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