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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxfj View Post
    The posters came from:

    Spaceballs and Lawrence of Arabia are reprints and were very affordable. Brave and Star Trek are originals. The ST poster is an Imax poster from my local science museum. They never actually showed it there and were sent the posters by mistake. A friend of mine still works there and kept one for me. I worked there for 12 years and we never showed feature films. Although that's changed a bit since my departure.

    Thanks again for the kind words. :) It's been a fairly steady stream of friends over to watch movies. Everyone has been completely blown away by the whole experience.

    they are not far from me, will look into what they have

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    pdfxj - great job!!! you mentioned that the back row riser was built to be a bass trap also. Can you explain what you did to the riser? Thanks
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    Wow! Color me Jelly!
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    Great job on the home theater. Also great that you've kept grandma's house in the family.
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