I posted a thread a while back asking if my Harman-Kardon 2600 could push a Monitor 70 hard enough to justify upgrading my M40 fronts. The consensus is that without a pre-amp (not possible with this AVR) there was no point in getting such thirsty speakers. If I could do it all over again I'd spend an extra $100 and get the HK3600 which has pre-outs, a pre amp and a pair of M70s.

My usage is about 50/50 music/HT but I'm much more concerned with the sound quality of my 2 channel stereo music. This makes me want to have the best possible speakers (i can afford) as my fronts and I view the center and surrounds as a cool bonus for watching movies.

So am I getting much more than 65 watts per channel when I'm only playing stereo music? I guess this still wouldn't be enough to properly power a pair of 70s? (The 60s have been recommended but I just don't view them as a substantial upgrade over my M40s and PSW101.)

Should I jump ship from the Monitor line, which I've been very happy with, and go for one of Polk's higher end speakers? Which one of these lines(Rti, Tsi?) and more specifically models would be happy with 65x5?

Or should I just try and ditch my amp and get a powerful pre-amp and the M70s I've had my eyes set on for years?