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    Default new house set up

    Good afternoon all,
    i am in the process of closing on a new house and i now need assistance in set up and placement!
    Current speakers are monitor 70, csi5 and rears either r10 or r40 depending on WAF. Sub is SVS 20-39 pc +

    i want to place the tv over the fireplace so i need ideas on fireplace modifications and where to place the speakers!
    I will probably end up with a 60" led (not purchased yet). At minimum i will probably need to lower the mantel as i dont want the tv in the ceiling.

    I am also concerned that the csi5 is 24" speaker and the tv will be like 4" so that may look weird.
    also, the monitor 70 will probably be in front of the built ins?!?!

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    That location may look weird, I would think if you have an open wall, place it there because there is too much work to redo everything of that wall to make the home theater feel. Also, look for a LCD tv not an LED tv as you will greatly appreciate it more. I currently have a samsung 52" LCD and loving every moment of it
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    It could be workable. How deep is that shelf above the fireplace? Deep enough to place the TV on it? If so, you could simply remove the shelf and consider a custom, modified, probably hollow shelf you can run wiring through to one of the side cabinets you can place the rest of your equipment in.

    A couple of things to worry about:
    1) Do you really want the TV to be that high up? Ideally, you want the TV to be in line with the eyes from the seated position to avoid strain.
    2) How hot does it get there above the fireplace when it is on? Heat rises up.

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    Your neck will always hurt looking at a tv that high up.
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.

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