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    Default Is anyone familiar with the Dynaco A-35's

    I've been listening to the 35's I picked up last week. I was pretty surprised, both good and bad. These things sound pretty darned good for their age. They are much more detailed and revealing than I expected. Not necessarily in all areas but Tull's flute along with every breath the player takes is easily heard and very clearly. I also heard breathy sounds in some of the Live I listened to that don't show up as well even on most of my Polk's. Clear smooth bottom end that has more depth than I expected out of the aperiodic design. Low bass extension similar to some decent acoustic suspension systems. Mids are great (again back to the flutes). Much better than I would expect from the 10 inch driver, and the treble they have is clean. But then the treble just falls off the map and is gone in the upper range. Not sure exactly where this happens but it seems far below 20k. My guess would be somewhere around 15-16k.

    Anyone familiar with these; Is my perception the norm for these. I understand the crossover is very minimalistic. My guess is the large tweeter size creates some significant roll-of of the upper frequencies, while creating a very detailed upper midrange. Are there any mods to improve this characteristics? or is it just characteristic of the drivers?

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    I had a pair of A25's for I'm guessing about twenty years.Loved them to death.I think they cost about 80 bucks each.According to the interweb the 35's are a more 'refined" version of the a25's.It appears there are still a number of dynaco fans out there.I also built one of the tube amp and tuner kits.The speakers stayed with me much longer-I wasn't very good at soldering as a 16 year old-actually not much better now.

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    From what I remember of A25s, your impressions are right on except for the high end. I always thought they were slightly rolled off on top, but not too bad, very similar to Advents, KLH, etc from the same era. A recap may bring back some of the high end they are missing. I had a pair of KLH Model 32s not too long back that sounded kind of dull lifeless when I first got them. A couple of Dayton film caps really brought them back to life.
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