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Thread: Impedance ?

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    Default Impedance ?

    I am using a pair of SDA 2B'swith the interconnecting cable.

    The receiver shares a common ground, rated 110 watts per channel stereo.
    On the back of the receiver, ther is a impedance switch for 4 or 8 ohms.
    I know the speaker are rated 6 ohms.

    What position should I select?
    I chose 8 ohms.


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    Yes, 8 ohm. By setting it to 4 ohm your just limiting the current the receiver puts out. Though the 2b's would sound way better with a separate amp over what a receiver can dish out.

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    Yes I agree, I'm still searching for a comparable power amp to the 200 watt per channel Sansui I have now. I use it the power amp when the interconnecting cable as it is not being used. The Sansui Im using is not common ground amp.

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