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    Default Lsi 15's on sale- should I buy?

    I'm surprised there are still no takers for the lsi stock on sale (example Amazon).. Comments?
    I've been looking for some new speakers for 2 channel which is currently a Marantz SA 8004 CD/SACD + Yam A S2000 integrated + Paradigm V60's + HSU STF 2. What I lack is the rendition of classical orchestral music with more scale and presence. I briefly listened to the MAG 1.7's and might go back for an extended listen. However most of the time I listen to small groups whether classical or jazz and a few instruments which my present setup does well. For HT, which I am not that serious about, unless it is a musical sound track, I have Polks- RTA12's for mains in one and SDA 2's.

    I'm thinking of ordering a pair of LSI 15's, if they don't work in 2 channel then maybe I can migrate them to my HT and displace the RTA's (I also have a pair of SDA 2's in another room). But then the problem of timbre matching with the rest of the HT polk speakers which, I don't remember the model names but they are of the pre-LSI vintage (RT?).

    I'd like to hear what I would gain with the LSI15's, will my Yam A 2000 (it does have a 4 ohm rating) drive them? Why is it that they are not being snapped up, is it the snob factor? Thanks as always.

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    Great speakers and I've been eyeballing them for the past month. Going back and forth between them and the newer RtiA line and even the LSIM. What a ruff decision!

    Was going to upgrade my main speakers for Movie/Music to LSi's but then I kept reading that there not dynamic enough with movies over the Rti line. Then I was just gona brab the Lsi15s and 9s (if I could find them) and a set of 7s and prob another set of 7s or 9's to use for a center channel since you cant find the damn LSiC center speaker and I've also heard its not that great anyways.

    Though if I would do all that i'd have to buy up new/used amps cause I don't have anything to run 4ohm speakers. And I was itching to finally upgrade my living room.. if I did both after spending that much I might as well just go for a new 5.1 set of LSIM!

    So that's what we did!.. well going to Monday.

    What made me finally decide was the fact that I was told by Polk audio that they had a new pair of LSi9s in Cherry and a referb in Ebony. Of course since I took 2 days to decide exactly what I was going to do and what fronts I wanted (Lsi15s with upgraded Sub mod after) or LSi25s from Polk it was too late. Someone posted up about the last set of LSi9s on this forum after polk out of nowhere listed them and they sold like 1-2 hours later.

    I wanted Cherry LSi15s and all you can get in a match set at Amazon is Ebony. I like the contrast look of them. Can order a Cherry Lsi25 or Ebony from Polks ebay store but everyone says the 15s and there passive sub is much better after upgrading the 8" sub woofer to a new Polk car woofer.

    2 channel music.. 15s would be ordered! haha.. And I was real damn close with just doing that in the end!

    I was scared 10 years ago when I went speaker shopping and when I heard the LSis for the first time.. that was the sound I wanted! Nothing else was close but screwed as there was no way in hell I could afford them.

    Maybe one day i'll get a set as I love the look of them.. Hell i'd put them in a future man room just as Art! haha
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    Loving the new Family! :)

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    Great speakers at a great price I buy them before they're gone.
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    I got a pair from amazon in February and am extremely happy with the sound quality. IMO they are better for music but HT sounds great also. Not very many left I would jump on that for sure. I missed out on getting new LSi9's from amazon because I waited to long.
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