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    I have finally entered the modern world, took the plunge and ordered a Panny 42" plasma (TL-P42S60) from Sears. Don't see too many 42" plasmas that can do 1080p and 600Hz. BTW, Sears has a great deal going.

    This should be a fantastic upgrade from my 27" Sony Trinitron that a co-worker gave me a number of years ago .

    Obviously I am new to all this. What do you all recommend for a tilting wall mount bracket?


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    Other stuff:
    Denon: DRA-835R, DRA-825R, DCD-660, DRM-700A, DRR-780; Polk: RTA11TL (RDO198-1, XO and Damping Upgrades), S8, Monitor 5A, TSi100; Pioneer CT-6R, PL-530; Onkyo CP-1046F; Ortofon OM5E, Marantz PM5004, CD5004

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    Congrats! You're gonna be amazed at the visual details you can now see. I used the stand that comes with it and have mine sitting on a home entertainment cabinet. One place that has lots of wall mount devices for TV's and speakers is parts express.

    You might want to think about one that can also accommodate a center channel.
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    I was looking at Parts Exp. Good thought about the center.

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