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    Default Speaker selection - help please

    Hello. Looking for some opinions on selection and placement.

    My house is being gutted currently. I have a TV viewing area in my den with rti10's for fronts, CSi3 for center and two rti4's for surrounds and a 10 inch sub on the floor.

    In my new den I would like to clean up the look. The rti10's can stay or go, the center channel is currenly placed inside a pull down door on a tv stand that is covered in speaker cloth. That stand is being replaced which means the center channel would now sit on top of the new unit. We don't love that idea.

    The surrounds are mounted on the sides of the listening position. One on an exterior wall and one on a beam that protrudes into the room.

    See attached crude drawing.


    I am thinking of replacing the rear surrounds with in ceiling surround speakers. I think I would mount these in the corners, similar to the position of the wall mounted surrounds now. Good/bad idea? I see a rt series in ceiling surround - I assume this is the best choice.

    Center channel - interested in moving to an in wall center speaker. Again I see an rt series one that spec wise seem to be at least equal to what I have now. If I have the center channel in wall with I experience anything off if I keep the rti10's? They would be forward of the center by ~20 inches.

    I could move to in wall L/R too - any strong argument for or against this?

    The sub is not drawn in my plan - it is to the right of the right channel speaker, obviously not to scale. It is right inthe corner though. I would like to get the sub off the floor. In wall? I see a speakercraft model with separate amp and mounting box that looks like a good option.

    To sum it all up - I want support or reasons why I should not move to ceiling mounted surrounds and wall mounted center. Can I keep my front's with this or should they be wall mounted too? I am not hung up on keeping them.
    Would not want to spend more than 2k on new speakers for this room.

    I don't have the amp that will power this yet - nothing selected. Would appreciate thoughts on required power.

    Ceiling speakers for music.

    I want to install 5 zones in my house and one in the backyard. I have the amp that can handle this task, 40w per zone. I have the outdoor speakers already. Inside I need 6 (3 pairs) and two stereo speakers for smaller areas.

    Looking for a suggestion on the speakers for background music. Pair in the kitchen, pair in the den (room with TV above), pair in living/dining, stereo in enclosed porch and stereo in bathroom.

    I think I want enclosed speakers to limit bleed into other areas.

    Master bedroom TV
    I would like a 5.1 setup in my bedroom. All speakers to be in wall. This TV is primarily used for night time viewing - kids in adjacent rooms. Don't want or need a ton of power or booking base. I saw a small ceiling mounted sub by polk. Thoughts on this and what models might be good in walls for this room? The amp here is going to be my yamaha that currently powers the polks in the den.

    I think's that's everything!

    Thank you for reading this far.
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    Hello and welcome to Club Polk!

    As far as in wall/ceiling speaker compared to what you have I think it's more a personal preference situation. It seems that you mostly just use your system for home theater, not music. That being said in walls are nice as you don't notice them much and take up zero floor space. I recently helped my parents set up their first HT and they went with all in wall/ceiling speakers (Polks, of course), and love it. They didn't want wires running all over the place, they wanted a clean look. However, they never use it for music, just the TV. You can also use in ceiling speakers for the side/back walls (rears) as well. The walls are out so it would be easy peasy to wire everything, not like what I went through having the walls up!

    You won't be able to replace the sound you get with the RTi10's that you have now for obvious reasons but in walls are no slouch, in fact, they impressed me. Would I replace my current HT with all in walls? No, but then again my wife puts up with wires.

    I'm sure much more knowledgeable persons than me will chime in as my experience with in wall/ceiling speakers are limited...

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    I would think you would want to keep your center, if you are also going to run the RTI 10's. Since you are already ripping out walls, would a recessed area, combined with a shelf extension work for the center? Something to think about. Run the wires to the back, or even the bottom of the recessed area, so they can't be seen, and it will also make the speaker profile appear smaller.

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    Thank you for the replies.

    It is certainly cost effective to keep the rt10's and center channel. I will buy the RT surround ceilings and will look at an in wall sub system.

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