So, few years ago I had been looking at buying a house and well, it fell thru and I got sick of the process. Well, some things have changed, and I decided to go back to get my MBA for sure and will most likely be around the area for 3-4 more years so I started thinking again about buying a property.

However, I want to look at buying a duplex or tri plex as I see it being a lot easier to rent out compared to trying to rent a whole house if I had to move for a better job.

I deal with real estate loans etc all day however I'm not as up on the buying process as I used to be as I don't really deal with that end of it.

My main things I need help with is what I should be looking at/for when going into properties and what are some concerns about mulit fam? Is it normal as a buyer to come in and request the rent roll? Just some things that would be different when buying duplex than a single fam. and when going in what to look out for.

Around the area I'm looking its a college town so I don't have much worry about not being able to rent it if I needed to if I moved. I've wanted to get into rentals at some point in time and figured this might be a good start to it. I have several people that I know that I could rent to easily and most that I've seen listed so far are already rented at least in 1 unit. I plan on living in the one unit and renting out the rest.