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Thread: Polk rti a7's

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    Default Polk rti a7's

    Questions? I have a Yamaha Rxv 471 receiver, 85watts per channel. Thinking of purchasing Polk rti a7's would that be enough power for the rtia7's.. Or would the rti a5's be a better choice. also how do the rti a7's and the rti a5's compare to each other? Currently have Polk monitor 60's front, csi10 center, fxi a4's rear and 2 Polk psw110's. any suggestion. Thanks.

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    The A7 will play lower due to the two 7" woofers. But it also takes power to move them. I guess what speakers you get depend on your plans goals and budget. I would deffinatly get the 5's over bookshelfs. Your AVR will drive the A7's but the more power you can feed them the better. For your next AVR you will probably want to go a little farther up the food chain. If you get something with analog preouts it atleast allows you to add an external amplifier.

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    I'm personally running the A5's on the RXV 571. Only have an 8 inch sub, but it sounds really good in 2 channel. Don't think I'll go above 5.1 unless I upgrade the AVR. I just don't think that my entry level Yamaha has the power reserves to do much more, and I really don't want to take chances.

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    I'm pushing my RTiA7's with the RX-V671 which is 90W/channel. They sound great. I'd like more power too but I have to live with what I have for now. My thought is you should always buy the best you can afford. Get the 7's and when you're ready to upgrade your AVR you'll have speakers that will have the capacity to handle just about anything you buy. (300W max with these)
    AVR: Integra DTR-50.4
    TV: LG 50PS70
    MAINS: Polk RTiA7
    CENTER: Polk CSiA6
    Heights: Polk VS 625RT (in wall)
    SURROUNDS: Polk TC60i (in ceiling)
    REARS: Polk R1
    SUB: Polk PSW 125

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    with RTi A7, additional power would do good justice to them. You would enjoy. I have 9s. I have tried listening to them with and without an amp, addition of amp in the design does go a long way. I love it.

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