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    Default Vinyl tweaking...

    I finally found time to tweak the gain settings on my PS Audio GCPH. It has a 'course' gain control on the back, a 'fine' gain control on the front and can also be controled on the halo.

    While I of course noticed a huge improvement by simply going separates a few months back. Today I have actually found a nice improvement by tweaking these gain settings.

    That combined with my balanced interconnects now having 100+ hours on them...this is the best by vinyl rig has sounded thus far.

    Kind Of Blue has never sounded so good
    Sources: Pro-ject 2.9 wood Grado Gold cartridge; Oppo BDP-105; Amps: Anthem Integrated 225; PS Audio GCPH Speakers: Polk - LSi15's (sub mod)

    Amps: Sony - STR-DG1000; Outlaw 200 Mono; B&K Reference 200.2; Speakers: Polk - CS2, Monitor 70's, RC80i's; Video: Optoma HD20; FAVI HD-100

    Man Cave
    Sources: Sony PS-LX410, Denon 3910; Amps: Dared sl2000a, HK 3490, Simaudio Moon LP3; Speakers: Polk - SDA 2A's

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    Glad to hear spending some time tweeking is paying off for you! Vinyl takes a lot of patience and small tweeks one way or the other can make huge differences. The time and effort is well worth it however as you are seeing.

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