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    Default SDA2a timbre matching

    need help on what line of polk speakers that matches my SDA2a fronts. these should serve the center and surrounds. thanks!
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    I have read that early on Polk recommended the CRS as center channel speakers. however those are hard to come by. I would think that many of the early monitors would be goo for this using the same or similar mids and tweets; Monitor 5,7,10 and maybe some of the rta's as well. i am sure others will chime in with more knowledge and experience matching these than myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaygax View Post
    need help on what line of polk speakers that matches my SDA2a fronts. these should serve the center and surrounds. thanks!
    Monitor 5s & 7s will match for center, side & rear surrounds. I built a custom Center using a Monitor 10B crossover & drivers, plus two Monitor 5, 6.5 " PRs. I upgraded my 2As and Center to TL level, and the remaining 5s and 7s have RDO-194s
    The sound is amazing.
    You could also run a phantom center using the 2As. Many members here do it that way. It all depends on the size of your room, the placement of all your equipment, and seating arrangement.
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    Center: Custom
    Surrounds & Rears: Custom
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    Processing and Power-Onkyo TX-NR717, ATI AT1202
    Mains-Polk Audio RTi12's
    Display- LG 60PA6500
    Misc. Panamax m4300 conditioner, Blue Jeans Ten White, Blue Jeans LC1 ICs.

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    thanks jeremymarcinko and for everybody else who chimed in.

    here's my room specs. 15'(W)x20'(L)x8'(ht).

    i powered my SDA2a's with an Adcom GFA-555ii. the rest of the speakers are powered direct from my yamaha RX-a1000 AVR.
    the rest of my speakers are mixed. i purchased them all from ebay a couple of years ago when my interest from HT became bigger. i was just using a onkyo HTiB before.

    for now, i'll just get the CSiA6 or CSi5(polk on ebay) as my center channel. then i planned to go to franklin, TN this july to get the emotiva XPA-5 for my birthday. after that, i'll replace my SDA2a's with a pair of black RTiA9's($500) on ebay. and power them by the emotiva XPA-5.

    i'll move my Adcom amp and polk SDA's to another room for a pure musical Stereo Dimensional Array experience after.

    How's that for a plan? i'm open for suggestions. im on a tight budget for amps that's why i chose emotiva. can't afford right now for a $3k to $6k amplifier.

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