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    Default 2B TL crossover upgrades complete!

    Yesterday I finished up with the TL upgrade on my SDA 2Bs. Capacitors used were SoniCaps for the highs and Daytons for lows along with all Mills resistors. While DHS Speaker Service was upgrading the crossovers I installed hurricane nuts in the cabinets to insure a tight seal and I put JB-Weld on the MWs for reliability. I didn't have Dynamat on hand so I saved that for another project.

    I spent some time listening to them last night and they sound fantastic! The two things that jump out at me after the upgrade are more clarity in the vocals and tighter bass. I'm sure with time they will only get better. I'm very happy with the outcome of this project.

    I want to thank David, AKA Westmassguy, and his company DHS Speaker Service for doing a fine job of installing the crossover parts and making me a new IC cable with Speakon plugs and sockets. His work is top notch. Everything was done in a professional manner including installing all the crossover components, packaging and shipping. He kept me informed of the progress of the work every step of the way. The cost of the work was very reasonable.

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    SDA 2BTL Sonicaps Mills resistors RDO-198s New gaskets H-nuts Erse inductors Crossover upgrades by westmassguy
    Adcom GTP-450 preamp
    Adcom GFA-555 amp Upgrades & speaker protection added by OldmanSRS
    Pioneer DV-610AV DVD/CD player
    SDA CRS+ Hidden away in the closet

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    very nice! they look like mine:) give them time...400 or so hours before they're burned in..before that time, they may sound great at first...then like arse....but they will open up like the heavens when it's time...some guys like to run a cd on repeat and just leave it at's up to you..enjoy!

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    Thanks for your kind words TennMan. It was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your babies!
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