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    Default In to vintage gear and live near Philadelphia?

    Just thought I'd pass this along.
    |Fronts - Peerless RTA-12B | Center(s) - Peerless Monitor 5 | Rears - Peerless Monitor 4 |
    |Amp for fronts - Yamaha CA-1010 | Preamp (and amp for center/rears) - RX-V667 |
    |TV - Philips 46" Smart LED | Gaming - Xbox One - Xbox 360 | Headphones - Philips Fidelio X1 |

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    Wow. Cool!
    2 channel rig: SDA 3.1's, Hafler 500, Onkyo p-301, Technics SL 1400

    HT: Dennon 1612, Monitor 12's, CS275 Center, coming soon: Monitor 5jr's

    Bedroom system: Kenwood KR-V8020 (Needs replacement or repair!) Monitor 10's

    Additional projects: RTA 12's (Currently in my 2 channel system because I'm an idiot!)

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    There's only a couple of good pieces there. 99% filler.
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    Yeah, a couple of things caught my eye too. Was thinking of taking a look until I saw the line about it's only selling all together.
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