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    Default PSW10 distorting on low frequencies

    Hi. I'm new to these forums but have been battling with this issue since I purchased this home theater package (RM6750) 3 years ago. The problem is my PSW10 sub is distorting on explosions and other low frequency sound effects leaving the base making a sloppy / warbly sound. The distortion is extremely distracting during movies, sounding almost like a busted speaker. I've sent it in to polk who found nothing wrong with the speaker or amp, but replaced the amp just in case. It did not help. I've also tried changing the cable, which did not help either. If it helps, the distortion can be minimized only by lowering the volume on the speaker itself.

    Here are my settings:

    Speaker (PSW10)
    Frequency: 120Hz
    Volume: 40%

    Receiver (AVR-1909)
    Frequency: 120Hz
    Volume: +3db

    All other speakers (RM6750)
    Frequency 120Hz

    Can anyone help?

    - Nick

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    Turn the volume knob on the speaker, itself, down. My guess is your avr has it set at -10 db, or whatever is the lowest setting. Anything +/- 5db and the speaker volume knob needs adjusting

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    It's to loud for that sub. If you want loud distortion free sound you need two basic items. First, is lots of good, clean, power. Second is speakers capable of handling loud sound levels.

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