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    Question PSW250 Powered SubWoofer pops randomly

    I bought a complete Polk Audio home theater system several years ago. It included the PSW Powered Subwoofer. After I setup the system, the subwoofer immediately would pop randomly. I finally had to shut it off and haven't used it since. I should have seeked help when it first occurred, but I didn't. Anyway, what is causing these loud pops? What do I need to do to fix it? The subwoofer works, but the loud pops keeps it from being usable.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am a complete noob with sound systems, so be gentle!


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    It may simply be that you have the volume knob on the sub turned up too high. Try turning it down to half or even 1/3 of the range. Also check to see where your AVR has the sub set at. If it is -5 db, or a larger number, after lowering the volume on the sub, re-run your auto-cal program. Keep lowering the volume and re-cal until you get close to zero.

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    Thanks RPF65.

    I really don't understand very much about audio devices, but I will study the documentation for the AVR and see if I can find what you speak of.

    I'll report back with my results.

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    How often did it pop? Was it every few minutes? Did it happen when you went from having loud scenes moving to quiet scenes?

    Could be auto-shutoff causing the popping.
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