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    Quote Originally Posted by DSkip View Post
    The vision exceeds the technology. Disc players have become these sort of global multimedia systems that can't really decide whether they would rather play discs or stream content and offer all sorts of Internet connectivity. These are nice machines, on paper, but it's difficult to find one--unless you're willing to part with a lot of dough--that do all of these things well. There's even a lot of criticisms of Oppo's higher-end players--not so good for sound, connection issues (particularly wireless), persnickety with certain types of DVD's, blurays, etc. It's as though these companies throw handfuls of macaroni at the walls to see what sticks. I'd rather a company do one thing and do it really well instead of selling beta technology on the open market.

    It's not just Bluray players, either. You see this with receivers and televisions as well.

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    Its software issue, not hardware issue. There's going to be criticism with everything, that's just the way it is. You have to decide what bells are for you and go from there. I don't give a rats ass about wifi/streaming, I want something that sounds good. If that stuff is important, I'd say look no further than the Sony players. They make solid players and are hard to beat for the money in overall performance. If you're serious about your audio and have a dual purpose rig like I do, the Sony just doesn't cut it. I would've kept a Sony if I had a separate HT with an HDMI receiver. The analog outputs in the Sony's just aren't anything to write home about, and I've got a completely analog system past the source.
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