Now that I've done the mods it's easy it spot a few. The collars to the rings are peaking through and then the close up of the of the allen head machine screws for the rings and changing out of the tweeters themselves.Once a vet you never forget.To cut mine I used a wood cutting board and a new blade sheet rock knife w/ a long yardstick, it worked well for me.Once the polyfill was rerolled and positioned correctly and nowhere near the passive cavity I am hearing the benfits of the mod. When you said you had to remove that artsy centerpiece from your console I had a similar but not so tramatic moment also. I was hearing a buzzing sound only on the left side and went to take off the grille cover but it wasn't coming directly out of the speaker(thankfully) what is was, i had some movies and older CDs in some thin plastic wrap in the bookcase that took on some vibrations that just passed them on. Spikes might be next.