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    Default Surroundbar positioning

    Hi all

    I have just purchased a Polk SurroundBar 6000 for my 55" Sony HX 850. The TV currently sits on the Sony integrated speaker stand (which I much prefer the look of compared to the standard one that comes with the TV). The speakers though still aren't that good hence the sound bar purchase. This then sits on the top of a three shelf TV stand unit shown here

    I am reluctant to place the soundbar immediately in front of the TV because it will block the cool stand but also will be slightly too high for the bottom of the screen so I would lose some of the picture. So, my options are:

    1. The obvious solution being to place it on the next shelf down. This is 18cm lower than the shelf above and hence a fair bit lower than the viewers position so I have concerns it will lessen the soundbar's effectiveness. Would that be the case?

    2. To place the soundbar on a platform of some sort on the next shelf down from the TV such that the top of the soundbar is just about touching the underside of the shelf that the TV sits on. Would this impact on the sound if the top of the soundbar is so close to the bottom of a shelf though?

    3. Sit the TV and stand on something else as well to raise it up by the height of the soundbar so it doesn't obstruct immediately and sit the soundbar in front of the TV. I am not keen on this though as the TV would end up higher than I really would like.

    All advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks all

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    I would raise the display and keep the sound bar as close to the tv as possible, that's what I had to do for my center channel. This doesn't look bad as the center channel or sound bar covers the riser from the front.
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    Sounds like you would prefer the lower shelf option. You could try placing it on something that will angle it upward, wedge shaped products are sold for this purpose. You could also make one. You really don't have to support the complete length of the sound bar. One wedge on each end and the center about 4 to 6 inches wide should do.

    Good luck

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