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    Default CS10 (Center) and F/X Wireless Surround

    My Setup:

    Front L/R - Monitor 60 (Large)
    Center - CS10 (Small / Crossover at 80 hz)
    Rear L/R - F/X Wireless Surround Sound (Small / Crossover at 80 hz)

    My receiver seems to default each speaker to "Large" even though it now occurs to me that it is probably not the optimal setting. After referring back to the manual for the CS10 and the F/X Wireless Surround the directions state to set both speakers to "Small". For the center speaker I can understand given most of them aren't really used for the lower frequencies anyway, but I was a bit reluctant to do so for the Rear F/X Wireless Speakers. Regardless, I set both to "Small" and then tested it out on. There is certainly not as much "oomph" in the sound, but it was far clearer. I then went to the crossover frequency setting and realized that it was defaulting to 120 hz. Most of the advice I have seen suggest to set the crossover to 80 hz.

    Does the current setup seem reasonable? Does anyone have any recommendations. Unfortunately my personality lends itself to not settling for anything but the absolute most optimal settings for anything.

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    Their is no optimal settings because each room is different, each set of ears different. Set them to what sounds good to you. Also check where the speaker levels are at if your missing some oomph.

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