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    Default missed out (again) on a Yamaha CR 3020

    I missed a great chance to get my dream receiver - the extremely rare Yamaha CR 3020.

    One showed up yesterday morning on my local CL (Albany, NY, CL). I could not believe it. And it was only 15 minutes away from me. The unit was in mint condition, both functionally and cosmetically. Wow.

    The asking price was $950. It is a lot of money but, actually, it is a pretty good price for one of these. They usually sell for between $1000-$1200 on the auction sites and you never see one in mint condition like this one. My problem (a big one, to be sure, ha) was not having the 950 spare ducats to get it, haaa.

    Although I did not have the cash to get it, I texted the seller immediately after seeing the ad around 9:30am (which was 2 hours after seller posted the ad) to see if he would entertain a partial trade or negotiate on the price. The seller texted me back a half hour later to inform me that the receiver sold. He also told me he had 2 others ahead of me also wanting to buy it. Such is the scarcity and demand for the Yamaha CR 3020.

    I know almost everyone on this site favors separates over vintage receivers but I still have dreams of getting the Yamaha CR 3020 some day. I will keep on saving and dreaming. And, meanwhile, I will keep on enjoying my Yamaha CR 2020 and CR 2040 receivers.

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    Keep the faith. I have my Marantz 2385 that I bought new back in the 70's. Cant beat the quality.

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    I too keep looking for that golden egg CR 3020.
    It is honestly the only vintage receiver I want and there are some great ones out there.
    But to me, the 3020 is sort of the pinnacle. Not the most powerful...not the "best"...but exceedingly rare and one of the best looking IMHO.

    Unfortunately, they are becoming harder and harder to find.
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    What a receiver to have. Yes yes yes..i look all the time for that one and the cr1000. When they do pop up ill probably be broke or miss out.....CR3020 what a BEAST :)

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