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    Default Anybody Else Go To Jazzfest?

    Some fine music once again. Some of the best stuff is by artists you don't know or weren't expecting a lot from. I was especially impressed by four women:

    1. Norah Jones playing with The Little Willies. Here's a video (hopefully) that my friend took, we got to the rail, if it doesn't work I'll try it again separately. They played on a small Fais Do Do stage.

    2. Patti Smith. Played in the cold windy rain and she is the shiznay.

    3. Ana Popovic. Wasn't that familiar with Ana Popovic, but she can wail the blues.

    4. Yvette Landry. A real surprise, she's from Louisiana and plays old style country, the I'm gonna light a cigarette and then burn down that cheating man's house down type of old country.

    Fleetwood Mac played Saturday and it might have been the biggest crowd I've ever seen at a Jazzfest stage. Willie Nelson, Los Lobos. Jimmy Cliff put on a real fine show. Many many other great acts. Missed the Black Keys. The coldest Jazzfest on record, and it was probably the swampiest muddiest one I ever attended as well. Thought I was in Glastonbury.

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    Sounds like a great show. Not to jazzy. Love Patti Smith live.

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    The thing is I'm working 40 minutes from there but had to work both weekends of JF. One of these days......

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