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    Default Adcom 5802 to ???

    I currently have the 5802 running LSi15s for my front two channels. While I am happy with it, I was thinking of going to a more "musical" amp. I have read some good reviews on Parasound and Bryston. I wanted to know what the forum recommends.. Other brand names suggestions are welcomed.

    I would like to buy preferably used and my budget is about 2k.

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    The 5802 is a pretty decent amp. If you want to get more musicality and good bang for your buck I would suggest adding a good tube pre. You can get a great tube pre for about half of your stated amp budget. The really cool thing is since your GFP-750 has ht pass through, you could run your tube pre through the ht pass through on the 750 and use whatever pre your in the mood for. I believe H9 is doing this with his 750 and Dared Pres, so maybe he'll chime in on this.

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    What could the OP do for $2K in speakers? The LSiM 705's look like they can be had for $2K.
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