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    Default Hey SONOS users...what are your favorite music services.

    My top 3 that get the most use are Sirius (car & home) Rhapsody, & a new one I'm very big on is Songza & of course my music library of ripped CD's. They just added 2 more to their extensive list, 8tracks & Batanga. I'll have to check them out. Anyone tried MOG yet? I'm telling ya folks this has opened me up to a whole new world of music I didn't even know existed. I check in on SONOS Labs about once a month to see what's new on their just keeps on growing & growing. My appetite for listening to new genre's is steadly increasing. What a blast I'm having.
    "2 Channel & 11.2 HT "
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    SONOS System
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    KEF Q600 / center
    KEF Q800 / surrounds
    KEF Q100 / rear surr.
    Def Tech ProMonitor 1000 / front & rear presence
    Velodyne SPL-1200R subs / dual pair
    DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 sub EQ
    Equitech Balanced Power Son of Q 1.5R
    Extensive room treatments

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    I was a member of MOG for a few months until I switched back to Spotify. I felt like the layout and radio were a little harder to navigate, but pretty much on par with everything else. Mog uses 320kbps and had a slightly larger music selection.
    Theater Room: Pioneer Elite SC-35, RTi12's, Csi5, Fxi5's, Fxi3's, ED A5-350 sub, Optoma HD20, 92'' Elite Screen, Xbox One, APC H15, MIT Exp 2 SC's, Pepster PC's

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    Have Rhapsody and Songza too. Rhapsody by far has the most music, and is the most dependable imho. Had Spotify....too many dropouts. Mog was good but not enough music and harder to navigate. Rhapsody and Sonos were made for each other. Both are so easy to use, a caveman/woman can do it.

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