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    Default HeadRoom no longer making their own electronics

    Can't say I'm too surprised. With Tyll Hertsens leaving, they couldn't be the company they used to be. But they really invented a niche industry in audiophile, the standalone headphone amplifier. I own their top of the line bundle, what they call the "Triple Stack" which is a balanced headphone amp, a balanced dac, and a power supply for the two other pieces. Can't say I'm happy to see it offered at a clearance price of $2299 on! I use it with a pair of Audeze LCD-3's.

    They really made some great amps, sad to see their line of electronics go to the history books. Now they're just going to be an electronics house, selling 3rd party stuff.
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    That is too bad. I used their amp/DAC with outboard power supply for a while and it was fantastic.

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