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Thread: Blown speaker

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    Default Blown speaker

    I just purchased a new Polk RM705 system that I hooked up on a new Yamaha rx673 receiver that I also received last week. It's my first time setting up a surround sound system but I'm pretty confident everything was set-up correctly with 14ga cables.

    I wanted to hear the loudness of the system so I cranked it up to about 15db but one of the speakers broke. So now, it still plays but sounds cracked when loud noises are output. So what happened? And is that a defect in the speaker or the result of my actions?

    Also, when putting no music at all but cranking the volume, I hear a 'chhhhhhhh' from all speakers. Is that normal? I tought no noises at all would come out of the speakers until a real output is sent from the receiver?!?

    Anyway, please give me answers on why my speaker broke please.


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    By cranking the volume too high you caused the amplifer in your AVR to send a clipped signal to the speakers, which seems to have damaged just one of them.

    If the 'chhhhhhhh' sound increases with the volume level it indicates a poorly designed amplifer. What you are hearing is called the noise floor.
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    Thing to remember is electronics aren't very smart. When you tell an AVR that you want to hear something really loud, that's what it will try to do. Play loud.

    So the AVR over stressed itself, to the point it sent a signal it couldn't handle to the speakers. It simply try to give it all the power it had, killing your speaker.

    When you start hearing distortion, anything like static, really loud voices, etc. you're in the danger zone. In other words, turn down the volume.

    Replace the speaker, and keep this lesson in mind. Reference level, 0 db is already stressing your amp/AVR. Stay away from there.

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