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    Default RT16, LS/FX, CS350 upgrade to RTiA7, CSiA6, FXiA6 worth it?

    I currently have a Pioneer SC-27 Elite receiver 140w X 7 channels, Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray player, 16 year old RT16 speakers for front left and right, my CS350 center blew out and I replaced it with a CSiA6 a couple years ago, Surrounds are Polk LS/FX (also 16 years old). I am contemplating upgrading the fronts to the RTiA7 or RTiA9, and going with the FXiA6 for rears. Will there be an appreciable difference in sound quality and or volume using my current receiver? Is it worth it in your opinion? Has anyone upgraded from the RT16's to the newer RTiA7 or A9 recently or done a side by side comparison that could give me an honest objective opinion? I am currently at 80% HT and 20% music listening habit.

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    Definite upgrade. Stick with the A7's otherwise you'll need a separate power amp to properly drive the A9's.
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    Just keep in mind that the RTiAs have more presence which many love for HT use. If you have not heard them maybe try just the center or just the A7's in your room before diving in fully. What some think is better, is a turn off to others. Many agree that with each Polk generation there were improvements...but many of the lines sound different....and one have to find the line that works for them.
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