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    Default New purchase ( help )

    i have a few questions to ask.
    I just purchased the following speakers and would like to get some input on this.
    Rtia7 floor standing
    csia6 center channel
    f/xia6 surrounds
    i have a rx-v671 yamaha receiver 7.1 channel to work with.
    I also have
    tsi 300
    tsi 100
    t 15
    psw 110 sub
    what would be the best configuration for my setup and will that receivers work i feel as if it may not be enough to run the system

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    That AVR you have is better suited for the tsi system. I am not not mistaken I believe the 671 has preouts. If it does then a nice 2 or 3 channel power amp will handle the a7 and a6 and the 671 will power the rest.

    The a7s will work right of the 671 but to make them shine and see what they can really offer a power amp or a more powerful avr is needed.
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    If I were you, I would start off with a 5.1 with the RIia7, csia6, f/xia6 and psw 100 sub. That is pretty much where I started but with the Harman Kardon (in my signature) as the receiver. It got the job done.

    Then, depending on your finances and space - go from there. Your weakest links will be the sub and receiver. If the receiver does have pre-outs, then you can look for amplifiers to drive the sound. If you listen to 2-channel music, a 2-channel amp will give you the most bang for your buck. If you use the system mostly for movies, you can get a quality sub and take the strain off your amp by diverting the bass to it. If you don't have the space or money, you can look to sell the tsi's to upgrade. If, if, if.
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    You probably won't notice a huge difference in your a7's until you can get more power to them. You really shouldn't run them off an avr but rather use the pre outs on the receiver and get yourself a decent power amp for them. The center and surrounds should do just fine running off the AVR

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    You really shouldn't run them off an avr
    Eh, not all AVR's are the same. I run the same RTi A set up off a Pioneer Elite SC for HT only. Does a fantastic job, no additional amplifer needed. That said, the OP's Yammie might need some help, not familiar with it.
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    Just sold an RX-V671 and unfortunately there are no pre outs on this unit, which was why I sold. Maybe try what squeeb suggested and run it as a 5.1 and see what your ears tell you. Might be a stretch to run the A7s +, but no harm in trying and see what you think.

    Noticed it's your first post, welcome!

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    I'm running the 571 with A5's on a 5.1 setup. Similar AVR to the one you have. Can honostly say that I wouldn't run a 7.1 system with the A5's, let alone the A7's. Truthfully I get a little nervous when I'm around -15 on the volume knob.

    I would probably say try the A7's in 5.1, but to push it too hard. Have seen some really good buys recently on the Aventage line, if your looking to stay with Yamaha. That is where tou will get the pre-outs. I may be wrong, but I think the 8xx has pre-outs, but you would have to double check.

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    I run a 5.1 with a Denon 891, A5's, A3's, A4 center, psw111, no problems what so ever. That Denon is capable of running a 7.1, but would not trust it to handle a 7.1 configuration. You should get a Pioneer like F1's and a amp to power your A7's if you want to run a 7.1 setup.

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