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    Default Advice needed on blown hdmi on Onkyo tx-nr708

    Morning Gents

    This is my first post here & not sure if this is the correct section to be posting this but here goes.

    I have an opportunity to buy an Onkyo tx-nr708 receiver but it has a blown hdmi card, i have tested it
    & there is no video from the hdmi & there is no sound when connecting a source via the optic or coaxial
    but there is sound when connecting a source via the analog inputs.

    I'm in South Africa & the import/ distributor offers a repair service but at a pretty high cost, i'm looking at about
    R5000 which is roughly 550 US Dollars & if i include the cost of buying the reciever then it would be the total cost of 770 US Dollars which is enough to purchase the newer network Onkyos or a really clean used unit. I'm looking at a cheaper alternative. I've done some reading on the net & seen that alot of guys found the remedy for the Onkyos not switching correctly, they simply just remove the capacitors & replace them with new ones & it works perfectly!!!

    So my question to the technical Gurus here is: When an hdmi card blows, whats specific part on the card gives up the ghost? Can i repair it myself? Any help will be much appreciated as i'm currently running my RTI8's of a small Denon & i'm too impressed as i know this Onkyo will make my Polks sing!!!!!

    All the way from Africa

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    From what I have read it is the capacitors on the HDMI board that causes this problem. It is a heat issue on that board. I don't have an specifics on which capacitor. Also I have not been able to find a replacement board for that model. I wound up using my TV to switch the HDMI signal, although without the on screen display getting the receiver set up it is APINA.
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    I would look online at HK refurbs or other outlets for a new receiver. Just isn't worth the headaches when it comes down to replacing boards. Many receivers from Pioneer,HK, Onkyo, Denon, can be found fairly cheap under 500 U.S. Paying 220 for a broken receiver, I dunno man, toss in another 150 and you can come up with something better.

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